Emily Bullion

Pastoral Counselor

The Holy Spirit moved upon my heart and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in the seventh grade at a “See You at The Pole” rally held at my church. Throughout junior high and high school I remember often falling asleep while talking to God. In college, I developed an eating disorder and battled major depression which caused me to rely on my faith but question it at the same time.   How could a girl who was “saved” be suffering such inner turmoil and torment, if God was so “good?” Through time at a treatment center and Christian counseling I was able to gain my footing again and move forward in life. I would describe this time as “patched up” rather than healed.  I found true healing through prayer ministry and by applying the Biblical principles I learned from my Elijah House training to my life. I say that, but quite frankly, Jesus healed me. I just finally learned how to let Him in to do His thing. Applying His grace and forgiveness to myself, to my earthly parents, and towards Him has given me new life. It’s a life where I no longer wear a mask and am free to bask in His light. It’s a passion of mine now to share this with others.  I have facilitated Heart Matters, Passion for Purpose and Healing Hearts of Children as well as facilitating the six-month Elijah House prayer ministry training.

Emily graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in Psychology and Business.  She is currently enrolled at Houston Baptist University pursuing her Master in Christian Counseling.  She is currently a member of the Montgomery County Suicide Prevention and Behavioral Health Task Force.

Emily has been married to Lewis (her college sweetheart) for 10 years and they have three awesome children.  She loves watching and playing sports and traveling.