The Passion for Purpose class is an excellent resource for those who are seeking to understand the inner man and how one can be healed.  It will help to bring about clarity and explanations to many of life’s unanswered questions.  Passion for Purpose will be a huge step forward, if implemented in regular teachings, for church members and leadership.  It is an excellent tool that helps discover life’s meaning and purpose and gives us a picture of God’s love in such a unique way.  I completely endorse this class/workbook and its authors and teachers Ron and Sherry Torbert.  Ron and Sherry have truly set out on a God-given destiny.  They have made such a huge impact in our church with this course.  Many have received inner healing, seen restoration in relationships, and experienced physical healing taking place as well.  I pray that as leaders we will continue to promote the need for biblically-based counseling as well as provide a safe place for people to heal emotionally.  That is exactly what was done through Passion for Purpose.  It has totally changed the culture of our church.

Pastor Elain Benson

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