The type of counsel we offer to couples and individuals is often referred to as prayer ministry.   All of our counsel is based on the Word of God and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Since we are not licensed counselors, we are free to share openly about our faith walk and encourage you in yours.  We use several types of approaches to inner healing including listening prayer, trauma prayer, and prayers of repentance and forgiveness.  We also love to inspire our clients by giving them a true understanding about the gift of the Holy Spirit and the part He plays in their healing.

One of the major areas we address is unforgiveness.  Most people tell us they are “trying” to forgive.  We believe forgiveness is a supernatural act that can only be accomplished by accessing the power of the Holy Spirit.  We know from the Word of God in Matthew 18:35 that unless we forgive from our HEART, God will turn us over to the tormentors!  Unforgiveness leads to torment, sickness, depression and so much more.

We encourage everyone to take our Passion for Purpose class which is available at  For $100 you have access to eight of their most important inner healing lessons.  When you register, you have six months to complete the course and relisten to those lessons that were most impactful.

For couples, we offer the unique opportunity to meet with  both a male and a female counselor.  Ron and Sherry complement each other is their giftings and style.  Ron, or both Ron and Sherry, are available to meet with men and Sherry meets with women and children.

Ron and Sherry have been pastors and teachers for many years.  They have been members of Faithbridge Church for 20+ years.  Ron was raised Lutheran and Sherry was raised in the Presbyterian church.