To spread the Word of Christ and assist people in deepening their Christian faith by ambassadors and using the internet as a publishing platform and an interactive tool, emphasizing the commonality of belief and unity of Christ’s church across denominational boundaries.


Our Marriage Ministry is built around biblical principles that enrich the lives of couples and those engaged to be married. This ministry host workshops, retreats, conferences and seminars to equip and enrich the lives of families.

Elijah House School of Ministry

 Training 201

Elijah House prayer ministry is a type of biblical counseling that is pastoral in nature. Prayer Ministry Training Course 201 lays the foundations for healing and transformation, both for the students themselves, and for equipping the saints for inner healing and the work of binding up broken hearts (Isaiah 61:1).

Elijah House School of Ministry

Training 202

Prayer Ministry Training Course 202 gives students an advanced learning opportunity with instruction in more specialized issues. Lessons include: earliest childhood traumas, emotional abuse, neglect, generational inheritance, the effects of occult involvement, false identifications of love, addictions, denial, sexual issues, depression, burnout, etc. Ministry tools include how to create a safe atmosphere for ministry and how to properly care for and feed your own spiritual life.


Heart Revival Ministries provides a number of quality biblical courses and seminars  releasing God’s powerful truth to our lives. While some of our resources can be found on this website and others, we encourage you to register and attend a live teaching.

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Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministry is an area that is constantly in need of revival because it often lacks a community that fosters mentorship, which is what men need to challenge each other. By creating true relationships men begin to disciple each other and truly grow. Through years of doing outreach and ministry, Ron Torbert has developed ways to help you grow yourself, grow your men, and grow your men’s ministry.

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